Spillage Control

Belt Scrapers

MHP preference is always for an underbelt scraper where possible, as, by definition, this is fail safe in the event of unforeseen impact. The disposal of tailings is also important and provision must be made for their collection or, ideally, return to the material stream.

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Impact Modules

Conveyor loading points operate in extreme conditions, including impact and spillage which is not an ideal environment for moving parts such as bearings and seals. Consequently idler rollers are prone to failure at this location and this in turn often leads to belt damage.

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Sleeves and Spouts

Outlets of loading hoppers, especially for vehicle loading, and joining pipes between storage hoppers often require flexible sleeves to accommodate movement. MHP sleeves are fabricated from high grade natural gum rubber with reinforced seams. They can be manufactured in any required size of thickness from stock material.

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Spillage is often caused by misalignment of the belt on the idlers. The belt can be maintained running centrally by use of tracking rollers. MHP trackers operate on the lower surface of the belt and do not require contact with the belt edge which is often uneven owing to damage.

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Skirt Systems

Sealing between chute sides and the belt is clearly critical in the control of spillage. In it’s simplest for this takes the form of special skirt rubber which is softer than the belt.

More effective systems use skirt clamps which allow quick adjustment of the skirts without tools and hammer down blocks for more aggressive materials.

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