Ceramic Linings

Extreme abrasion is best handled by the use of Alumina based ceramics which have a wear index second only to diamond. By this means maintenance can be reduced dramatically in some instances. For example, we have improved the maintenance schedule a 4 m diameter air separator, handling crushed blast furnace slag, from five weeks to a year by the use of a special Alumina lining with tremendous savings on downtime and repair and consequent improvements in productivity and efficiency.

On more day to day applications ceramics can be used successfully to line pipes in sand and gravel processing, elbows and bends and other areas of frequent failure through abrasion.

When combined with a resilient rubber backing the impact resistance can be greatly enhanced and the product is then suitable for use in chutes and hoppers in hard rock processing.

MHP carry a range of standard tiles and rubber backed panels and have great experience of their successful installation.