Testa Rossa Rubber Tension Screen

Testa Rossa Anti-Blinding Technology

In 2005 MHP developed the “Testa Rossa” rubber tension screen in the search for a high performance but economic solution to blinding and pegging on fine materials screening. A special twin hardness base material is punched, using non-standard cutters, to produce a screen-mat which has repeatedly resolved long standing blinding problems for our clients, which have defeated alternative media.

MHP Testa Rossa is not restricted to use with minerals. It has recently proved very effective on crushed, re-cycled timber, used in the board industry as the principles involved are universal. As a punched product it can be produced quickly, in aperture sizes up to 25 mm, from stock material at our works.

Blinding in screen mat before the
installation of our Testa Rossa screen mat.

After the installation of our Testa Rossa system, screen blinding if reduced to almost 0%.