Rubber is often the ideal material to resist impact and abrasion damage in minerals handling equipment. Abrasion resistance is many times that of bare mild steel and the resilience of rubber returns impact energy to the material, minimising degradation, noise and damage.

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Plastic Linings

Plastic linings are particularly successful in overcoming build up in hoppers and silos and reducing the likelihood of discharge problems including ratholing, core flow and product degradation. In addition they act as a wear resistant lining extending service life.

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For mechanical fixing of linings MHP offers hot vulcanised steel on rubber plates which are drilled and counterbored in our workshop for bolted or stud welded fixing. MHP Steelback is a very robust form of lining often used for quarry dump truck bodies, primary chutes etc.

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Extreme abrasion is best handled by the use of Alumina based ceramics which have a wear index second only to diamond. This is to say that maintenance can be reduced dramatically in some instances and cost kept down overall.

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3J Linings

3J specialise in the supply and installation of:

– UHMW.PE. Liners
– Stainless Steel Liners
– Abrasive Resistant Plate Liners
– Polyurethane Liners
– Rubber Liners

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