site surveys

MHP engineers are available to conduct complete site surveys of Materials Handling Plant, aimed at viewing operational problems which are capable of being resolved by the products and processes our company has within its’ portfolio.

cost benefit analysis

As an extension of these site surveys, we are able, in conjunction with customers, to calculate the payback form improvement programme investments.

testing and reporting

MHP have invested in a Materials Testing Laboratory, equipped to measure and monitor the quality of rubber products provided. This means that MHP products are quality assured and fully fit-for-purpose. Comparison reports can be presented if customers require MHP products to be compared with alternatives.

condition monitoring

A combination of regular site surveys and a pattern of measurements taken over time can enable component operating life to be predicted and maximised. There are a wide range of monitoring regimes which can be applied.

business improvement contracts

Most investment decisions require a clear and substantial justification in financial or strategic terms. MHP have a clear understanding of the need for customers to achieve tangible benefits from schemes in which we are involved. This applies to term contracts for maintenance as well as capital equipment projects.

product training

MHP deliver training courses which are designed to enable customers to develop their employees’ knowledge and skills relating to the use of MHP products. They cover both the installation of our products and the monitoring and maintenance over their useful life. Evidence of training is provided by the issue of ‘Certificates of Competence’ upon successful completion of courses, to contribute to the CPD programme for customer employees.